Substance Use Disorder Therapy for Women

Delivered in Adventure-Based Settings

A Space for


   There are women in our community who need real help. You may know them: they may be your friends, your neighbors, or the woman at the checkout counter. Why do they need help?

Because their lives have been damaged by the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

   Sure, they have tried to help themselves. They’ve been in the programs. They went to the meetings. They know white boards and folding chairs. They have read the books and watched the videos. But they just can’t seem to escape from the grip of their disease.

   This is where we come in. We are Into the Wild and our approach is different. How? We help women get away from some of the noise and stress that is their lives. We allow them to be in a safe space and to center themselves. We use nature as our white board and logs as our chairs. This allows nature to become a place of healing.

    We help our clients to gain new perspectives based on the power of nature. Our approach isn’t new – we just made it better. How? By creating a holistic, wilderness-based therapeutic model that includes:  

     * gentle yoga,

     * healthy foods and healthy eating,

     * hiking, kayaking, and canoeing

     * mindful breathing

     * campfire therapy  


     Yes, some of these activities can be challenging, but sometimes that’s what it takes to help women find their inner strength. We accept everyone where they are and then gently guide them towards a healing path.  And one of the best things is that this happens during two six-hour sessions each week so that our busy women can keep their jobs and care for their children.


Help us help those who need it the most.

Guidestar Recognized